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March'06 2017

we hawe new born


March'01 2017

we hawe new born


Litter B ... Iz Odissei

Best Litter on

Cat Sow 25.02.17!

Litter V... Iz Odissei

Best Litter on

Cat Show 18.12.16!

Our cattery on

Cat Show

9-10 dec 2016

in Minsk (Belorussia)!

 15 Dec 2016 we hawe new born kittens!

27 Oct 2016
our cattery was 13
years old!!!

 5 Oct 2016

we hawe new born kittens!

Our cattery on

Cat Show

Sep 2016

Our cattery on

Cat Show

10-11 Sep 2016



About cattery Iz Odissei

The cattery Iz Odissei is the largest cattery of Siberian cats in Russia! Our cattery is a collective one that is why all animals live with different owners. Today the cattery is consisted of 7 people with their own cats. Our cattery is a large family and like in any friendly family we meet not only at the exhibitions and meetings but we go together for picnics, to parties, cinemas and theaters, visit each other places.

The cattery Iz Odissei was created in October 2003. It was named after our first stud-cat Odissei Golden Assolada. Unfortunately our life has turned out so that Odissei lives at our good and dear friend Barbara Johnson, but he has occupied the most luxury place in our heart forever.

When the cattery was created there was only one member in it Zarankina Evgeniya. After some time the cattery has extended and become a collective one. Today Zarankina Evgeniya is a leader .

For the period of 13 years over 120 kitten litters were born at the cattery. So the cattery Iz Odissei gave birth to more than 500 animals.

Our graduated cats found their loving owners throughout Russia: Kaliningrad (1) Saint Petersburg (6), Moscow (a lot of), Grozny (1), Belgorod (1), Yaroslavl (1), Voronezh (2), and Vologda (1), Perm (1), Chelyabinsk (2), Novosibirsk (5), Krasnodar, Saratov, Rybinsk, Kemerovo (5), Novokuznetsk (3), Tver (2), Tomsk (1), Krasnoyarsk (1), Vladivostok (3).

Also many of our animals live in the following countries: Austria (2) Belgium (2), Germany (15) Italy (9), Spain (2) China (2), Netherlands (5), Latvia (2) Estonia (3) Poland (3), USA (22), Canada (7) Turkey (1), France (5), Switzerland (8), Belarus and Ukraine.

Were focused on breeding of qualitative animals and implementing work with rare colors (red and blue), silver as well.

The animals of the cattery Iz Odissei actively and successfully participate in cat exhibitions in Russia. We have a great number of nominations to BEST which our animals are awarded with almost in every cat show and many of winnings in BEST: Best of Best 1st place 11 times, 2nd place 5 times, 3rd place 4 times,4th place 4 times; Best opposite 11 times, Best Junior 14 times, Best kitten 24 times, Best litter 23 times, Best neuter 4 times.

This statistics does not include victories of the cats born in the cattery but not being members of it now. It is surely our the breeders winnings and achievements too.

In other countries career of our cats is also successfully developing: theyre awarded with nominations in various shows, become the best in many nominations and get special prizes from audience and experts.

Many of our cats have been continuously considered as the best studs of the year by the Union of Siberian Cat Lovers (Barselona Iz Odissei, Cassandra Iz Odissei, Odissei Golden Assolada, Napoleon Iz Odissei). And Zarankina Evgeniya, the leader of the cattery Iz Odissei has been repeatedly complimented by Pavlova Tatyana Evgenyevna, president of the Union of Siberian Cat Lovers, for popularization of Siberian breed, knowledgeable approach to breeding, and the proper work with kitten breeders. According to WCF rating in the year 2007our cats gained the greatest amount of points for numerous winnings at the exhibitions and the cattery took the first

place among Siberian catteries. In spring 2008 Zarankina E. N. was presented with the memorable cup of German expert H. Shultz for popularization of Siberian breed not only in Russia but in other countries. Also the cattery was recognized by international experts as the best cattery at the exhibition of the USCL. About our achievements at the exhibitions read in the section The cattery news.

All of our Siberian cats have regular veterinarian check-ups, be current in their vaccination. All breeding males and females in our cattery are tested for genetic diseases:

- polycystic kidneys (PKD);

- cardiomyopathy (HCM);

Twice a year our cats are tested for infectious diseases:

- chlamydiosis

- mycoplasmosis

- coronavirus infectious

- Feline leukemia virus (FeLV)

- Feline immunodeficiency viruses (FIV)

- Feline infectious peritonitis (FELV)

After our kittens move to their new owners we continue concerning their afterlife with pleasure. We consult and make recommendations about choosing veterinarian clinics and vets, help our breeders to choose proper nutrition.




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