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Welcome to the site of the largest cattery

Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats in Russia "Iz Odissei"!

registration WCF № 05090.77

registration ICU № ICU.0212RU


11 reasons to buy Siberian kitten or buy Neva Masquerade kitten it is in thecattery "Iz Odissei":

Cattery Iz Odissei is engaged in successfully breeding of cats since 2003

Cattery Iz Odissei is engaged in successfully breeding of cats for 18 years. During the work we got a lot of experience competent breeding excellent cats. Therefore, our cattery has established itself worldwide as the best.

Our cats are regularly involved in the cat show
We regularly, several times a year, we participate in international cat shows. At each show cats of our cattery always receive high marks, nomination for BIS, and become Best in Show. This is evidenced by the high quality of our breeding cats.
Our cats are tested for genetic diseases

All breeding males and females in our cattery are tested for genetic diseases:
polycystic kidneys (PKD) and cardiomyopathy (HCM). The result is negative, the animals are healthy.

Our cats are tested for infectious diseases

Twice a year our cats are tested for infectious diseases: Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), Feline immunodeficiency viruses (FIV), Feline leukemia virus (FeLV), mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis. The result is negative, the animals are healthy.

Our cats and kittens have the best care and food

We believe a good healthy kittens need to grow: to correctly feed mother-cat; to keep clean the place where there are kittens; competently the kittens diet from the first days of feeding little kittens, only use food and premium products, as well as the only high-quality, non-toxic excipients for cat's toilet.

Our kittens have all vaccinations

Our kittens leave home not earlier than will be vaccinated against: feline calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia (feline distemper), re-vaccinated against these diseases again, as well as vaccinated against rabies.

Our cats and kittens are very neat and clean

All our kittens are easily trained to walk in toilet already in the one months of age. When you move a kitten to you, we will share with you their knowledge. They will help to avoid problems with the toilet a kitten on arrival in a new home.

Buyers of our kittens get all the necessary documents for a kitten for free

The new owners of our kittens get together with a kitten: age appropriate vaccinations and health record; a veterinary certificate confirming the animal's health before traveling to you; Microchip; Registration and Pedigree with WCF (from Germany); a Contract/written health guarantee; Copies of the parents kitten test for genetic diseases HCM and PKD (no disease); Copies of tests for infectious diseases of parents, made before the kitten conception: FELV, FIP, FIV - negative; Access to our Siberian pet owners Facebook group; Lifelong guidance and feedback new homes

All of our cats have a very good character

Breeders cattery Iz Odissei pay great attention to the kittens social adaptation and the formation of their character from the first days of life of kittens. All our kittens are very affectionate, outgoing, not afraid of children.

We have a very large experience shipping kittens in other countries around the world

We Shipping our kitten in any country, in any city around the world. We provide Shipping only with reliable couriers and Avia company with a good reputation in regard to animals. We have our own base couriers and companies and we will be choose for you the best and most cost-effective option. You may not agree with this and offer your company or courier.

We consult owners of our cats to participate in cat shows and grooming
We are always pleased when buying a kitten in our cattery you go with him to cat show . Since this is not an easy task, requiring specific knowledge, from entry to the exhibition, ending grooming animal, we are happy to share with the owners of our kittens to our experience. And then to participate in cat show was for them not to stress.


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