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Testimonials about our cattery Iz Odissei

Tatiana Golovina, male Harley Iz Odissei owners (Russia)

"We were looking for a kitten online, went to the cattery's Iz Odissei site, and fell in love with the small furry miracle! We arrived to pick up the boy from breeders, we have all need information about breed and his food, gave vetpasport with vaccinations, feed, certificate kitten's health. Kitten from the first day all good (he is accustomed to tray and claws sharpened just scratching) and members of the cattery Iz Odissei were very friendly people who are always happy to help with advice and always waiting for photos and stories about their pets. In the cattery a large variety of colors kittens! Here are thinking to take a second kitten was too docile nature was at my kitten Iz Odissei "

Veronika Trubnikova and Dmitriy Trubnikov, female Bogema Iz Odissei owners (Russia)

Our familiarity with the cattery Iz Odissei began many years ago. We bought in kennel kitten, her name is Bogema Iz Odissei. Our girl was with this Siberian character, very temperamental. She soon grew into a beautiful cat. Together with the owner of kennel Eugeniya Zarankina we participated in many cat show, Bogema already have titles until the Great European Champion, and I can say without exaggeration that it was a very exciting period of our lives. Evgeniya is very responsive and love for their hobby - CATS, and the result of its responsible approach is obvious - the beautiful cats in the her cattery Iz Odissei, and indeed the nursery is growing every year. Twice Bogema became a mother kittens, is each time was an event for the whole family, and Eugene morally supported us in this exciting time) Two of our cats are involved in cultivation so far :) Now Bogema already neuter, but keeps the beauty and bright character! We are still friends with the Evgeniya Zarankina, and recommend it to all interested friends and acquaintances. Good luck and prosperity from my love Cattery Iz Odissei!

Irina Shestova, female Verginia Iz Odissei owners (Russia)

In 2012, we bought our kitten Virginia in the cattery Iz Odissei. She began at once to talk murrrr to hum next to my pillow! Since then we have been in several cat show, met with various cats and even tried to find a groom. Although, groom, our beauty rejected, the main thing was not it. Each time after the journey she runs to meet us. She seemed to know when her husband returned, even though each day may be at different times. Every day she comes to me Virginia , hugging the neck, and though, her weighs is very big, it's what I love her very much. Many thanks to the cattery for such a sweet, intelligent, gentle female. For answers to the thousand and one questions, when it was quite clear what to do, with the support of the exhibition, with the knowledge that I have shared with me all the members of the nursery, especially Evgeniya Zarankina and Nadezhda Laufera. Each year, the members of cattery Iz Odissei gets together and invites all to yourself on your birthday, this is a real family. Thank you very much for my sweet siberian girl - Verginia Iz Odissei!

Katerina Sillo, female Dolka Limona Iz Odissei owners (Italy)

Dear Iz Odissei family!
Complimenti veri a voi. Specialmente a Evgenia Zarankina che con sua esperienza e serieta porta avanti e crea questi meravigliosi Siberiani. Siamo lieti e orgoliosi di far parte di questa bella familgia con la nostra adorata Dolka Iz Odissei. Meravigliosa creatura!!!
Complimenti ancora Evgenia Zarankina allevatore da consigliare!!!


Tatiana Shmal , male Napoleon Iz Odissei owners (Moscow, Russia)

We bought a kitten from cattery Iz Odissei in 2006. Everything happened spontaneously. We decided with her husband to have a Siberian cat. On the Internet saw this cattery - http://izodissei.ru. My husband to phoned to Evgeniya Zarankina and say, which we would like a cat. and how lucky we are, in the cattery were available kittens and one suited for our description, we will of course immediately rushed and saw him - our Napoleon Iz Odissei. We are reserved this kitten, went clear and complete instructions and went to wait for the older our miracle and prepare for his arrival. A month later, the child was at our house.

So we got to the cattery Iz Odissei and plunged into the cats world of the noblest and most beautiful animals in the world.

We are pleased that bought a kitten in this Cattery! We are pleased that we met Evgeniya Zarankina! We are friends so far!

Evgeniya, thank you very much for all that you do. For all our questions on feeding, brought up on any of our other questions you always come to the rescue, always helped us, not experienced owners. For what led us to the love of this beautiful siberianbreed.

Cattery Iz Odissei - is a large and friendly family, sensitive and responsive leader.

Now we live and daughter Napoleon's , as "Iz Odissei" from our dear and beloved cattery.


Olga Dudina , male Otello Iz Odissei owners (Paris, France)

I have long wanted to have a kitten but it is not solved, and here at the cattery Iz Odissei I saw him!

And I saw something skipped a beat - this is my. Then I asked a lot of questions by his breeder Eugeniya Zarankina. To my kitten upcoming trip abroad. I turned up business trip then have to work on time!

We must pay tribute to the patience and composure Evgeniya, because I worried . But in the end everything went well and Evgeniya have prepared all the documents, child mikrochipped, bought him a carrier, I could only take my kitten and take away with them.

As a result, the trip went well, but I realized that Otello can not tolerate the carrying and transport, but now we live in perfect harmony, terribly affectionate kitten, playful, my friends admire their beauty, education and jumping ability! No problems with the tray and kittens there, and the last time he fell in love with a comb and allow yourself to comb out. I recommend kittens from the cattery Iz Odissei!


Marina Fedotova , male Puding Iz Odissei owner (Moscow, Russia)

We have long wanted to have a Siberian cat home. We began to look for the boy kitten in the cattery of Siberian cats. We searched for almost a year. Our Pudding I've seen in the cattery Iz Odissei, while watching many of Moscow and the Russian catterys. Hooked ... It seems nothing special ... but ... I'm on. None of kitten not inspired. Returned to Pudding again we decided to take it.

We met Eugeniya to meet with a kitten before buying. The meeting can be no doubt: we were met by a clever kitten, very well-groomed appearance, beautiful fur, a pleasant smell.

Pudding is currently an honorary member of our family. It is very soft, with a luxurious undercoat with a fluffy tail is already very intelligent, well-mannered, playful hunter. It pleases us remarkable ingenuity inherent in the Siberian breed. He has for us, there are signs of: play, take a walk, drink water from the tap and so on. -one each request their movements and sounds, gestures. And he takes pride in: it is a wise, smart and chic mom Nikita LAskovy Zver and dad -Teddy Iz Odissei.

Over time (kitten we have half a year) I can say with certainty: in the cattery Iz Odissei we have a beautiful, healthy, smart, clever cat, with all vaccinations.

Anyone who is planning to buy a kitten in this cattery Iz Odissei, make no mistake: there are healthy kittens with good "roots", 100% used to the necessary skills, very clean (our way, from the first day, had only a toilet in the house :) Also, communication looking for a kitten with catterys, I came to the conclusion that "from Iz Odissei" in a good position, known to many owners of nurseries in the regions, many recommend. Kittens are grown professionals, it is clear that in good conditions. Therefore - its great character, manners, health. Tested time and compared to other catterys, we were looking for. We love cattery Iz Odissei.


Cattery Iz Odissei thanks everyone for providing testimonials and always glad to new!

Would you like to leave a review? Send your photo or a photo of your cat and text comment on zzar@mail.ru. Your testimonials will be posted within 5 days.



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